Gás Verde, Latin America's biggest biomethane producer.

Gás Verde produces biomethane, a 100% renewable fuel, issues the Decarbonization Credit (CBIOS), according to Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency, and will introduce the green CO2 in 2024. Gás Verde also offers the BioREC, a certificate to attest biomethane’s renewable origin. Gás Verde sustainable solutions support the correct waste treatment and the transition to a cleaner energy matrix.

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We produce 160k m³ of biomethane daily. And we are expanding our production to more than 500k m³/day with 10 new plants.

Seropédica (RJ)

Current production:
130k m³/day of biomethane.
Production by 2024: 150k m³/day of biomethane.
100 t/day green CO2 – food grade

São Paulo (SP)

Current production: 30k m3/day

São Gonçalo (RJ)

Current production: 8,5MW.
Production by 2025:
85k m³/day of biomethane.

Nova Iguaçu (RJ)

Current production: 17MW.
Production by 2025:
100k m³/day of biomethane.

Campos de Goytacases (RJ)

Current production: 1MW
Production by 2028:
19k m³/day of biomethane.

Catanduva (SP)

Current production: 1,4MW
Production by 2028:
19k m³/day of biomethane.

Tremembé (SP)

Current production: 2,9MW
Production by 2026:
19k m³/day of biomethane.

Ipatinga (MG)

Current production: 2MW
Production by 2027:
20k m³/day of biomethane.

Juiz de Fora (MG)

Current production: 4,3MW
Production by 2025:
22k m³/day of biomethane.

Feira de Santana (BA)

Current production: 1MW
Production by 2026:
15k m³/day of biomethane.

Igarassu (PE)

Current production: 4MW
Production by 2025:
40k m³/day of biomethane.

São Luis (MA)

Current production: 3MW
Production by 2025:
38k m³/day of biomethane.

Our Values


We’re direct, transparent and genuine in doing business. Our relationship with partners, employees, clients, suppliers and society is based in respect and trust.


We aim for excellence and efficiency in everything we do. With simplicity and promptness, we make assertive decisions to bring positive results to all stakeholders.

Boldness and resilience

Moved by challenges, we’re always searching for new investments opportunities, business and solutions. We’re fearless. In every project, we learn and evolve. In every experience, we adapt to new situations. We don’t give up until we find the best result.

Ownership attitude

We care for the business and work responsibly to deliver our best performance in order to contribute to the companies’ evolution.

We’re restless

By asking thought provoking questions about Brazil’s energy future and the consumer’s habits, we’re constantly evolving.

Passion for the cause

We believe doing good business and protecting the environment is possible. What we do effectively contributes to companies, the society and our country.

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Gás Verde, a Urca Energia Group’s company.

Urca Energia Group, a holding investing in intelligent and sustainable energy, work in the free and regulated energy markets. Formed by four companies, it offers effective environmental solutions, from production to trade, for those who believe in a more socially and environmentally responsible future.

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