Biomethane, the 100% renewable fuel and the effective solution to companies’ energy transition

Biomethane, the renewable fuel regulated by Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency, preserves the environment and reduces GHG emissions by 99.9%. And since it’s ideal for car and truck fleet and industry’s productive processes, biomethane becomes the effective solution to the energy transition of the Brazilian companies

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Biometano: The effective solution for your company’s Net Zero journey.

Ícone The environmental solution to manage urban and agribusiness waste
Ícone Biomethane is 100% renewable
Ícone Biomethane reduces GHG emissions by 99,9%
Ícone Reduces 50% of noise pollution in relation to diesel
Ícone It has the same use as CNG and is regulated by Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency
Ícone The certificate attesting biomethane’s renewable origin
Ícone Effectively changes the productive process and reduces the need for carbon credits
Ícone Solution in compliance with ESG goals
Ícone Biomethane does not vary with the exchange rate or value of the oil, ensuring predictability of planning.

Biomethane, the permanent solution to reduce GHG emissions from industry’s productive processes

Since biomethane avoids new GHG emissions, it’s the perfect replacement for fossil fuels. So, not only the industry adopts a renewable fuel, whose production avoids the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, but it also makes an effective change in its productive process, contributing to Brazil’s clean and sustainable future.

Ícone Effectively substitute fossil fuels: natural gas, LPG e fuel oil
Ícone 99.9% GEE reduction
Ícone Reduction of the need for purchase of credits from carbon.
Ícone The solution to meet the ESG goals.
Ícone Tailored projects for industries of all-sizes
Ícone Truck fleet powered by biomethane

Biomethane, the permanent solution to reduce GHG emissions from light and heavy duty vehicles

When fueling the light or heavy-duty vehicles with biomethane, your company reduces GHG emissions, meet your clients’ sustainability standards and actively contributes to Brazil becoming a clean and sustainable country, since biomethane remove pollutants from the atmosphere.

Ícone Effectively substitute fossil fuels: diesel gasoline and CNG
Ícone Fueling capacity of 12k vehicles daily
Ícone Installation of Gas Verde supply unit within your company.
Ícone Biomethane helps your company meets your client’s ESG demands

Biomethane, the environmental solution to manage landfill and agribusiness waste

Biomethane is the environmental solution for correctly managing the residue from landfill and agribusiness, since its production favors the circular economy, transforms environmental liabilities into renewable energy and also captures methane from residue, preventing it from reaching the atmosphere.

Ícone The correct solution for managing landfill and agribusiness waste
Ícone Biomethane is 100% renewable