From portfolio to governance, a company committed with the ESG agenda.

Investing in the future means acting every day to leave a sustainable legacy to the next generation. Therefore, we have developed policies and protocols in the environmental, social and governance areas to integrate stakeholders, employees, suppliers, shareholders and our local community, can create a positive impact in the environment and society.

Guided by universal principles in the areas of labor, human rights, environment, governance and transparency, the group is an UN Global Compact signatory committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe actions speak louder than words. That’s why we invest in real and transparent actions to protect the environment and to maintain an honest relationship with employees, clients, suppliers and the whole society.

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ESG Committee

Formed by a multidisciplinary team, with professionals from HR, governance, commercial, operations, financial, engineering, shared services and independent consultants, the ESG Committee is responsible for establishing, implementing and keeping the goals and challenges contained in Urca Energy Group’s conduct policies and for measuring the impact in the environmental, social and governance areas.

Also, every policy follows an implementation plan, according to the Integrity and Compliance Program, so we can involve and train the whole staff members.

Besides governance, other initiatives are under development:

ESG Materiality Matrix

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Partnering with NINT, Latin America’s biggest ESG consulting and evaluation company.

Emissions inventory

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Besides mapping the source of emissions, the inventory will helps quantify, monitor and register Gás Verde activities. With the BlockC partnership, Brazil’s biggest carbon projects company, we’ll be subjecting the inventory to the GHG Protocol, world’s biggest emissions verification program.

Urca Energy Group Sustainable Investment Plan

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The plan will offer opportunities for social investments and incentive laws for Urca Energia Group. Therefore, we’re partners with Instituto Criança, an organization specialized in managing, implementing and supporting social projects.

Meio Ambiente


Protect, transform and renew.
Gás verde sustainable cycle

By correctly managing the urban residue, we prevent the GHG emissions in the atmosphere and also create biomethane and green CO2 according to the circular economy. These solutions are the sustainable and economic replacements for fossil fuels and are paving the way to the energetic transition of several companies in Brazil.



The best way to build a legacy is by investing in the future today.


Gás Verde is supporting Nova Iguaçu Football Club’s social project that reaches 330 teenagers and kids to offers medical, psychological and nutrition care, family integration and physical activities.




Code of Ethics

Here’s the norms of conduct guiding our staff.

Anti-corruption Policy

Here are our operations’ norms, practices and guidelines to maintain an honest and ethical conduct in our working relationship.

Supplier’s Policy

Learn how our relationship with suppliers is based in ethics, transparency and integrity. (soon)

Corporate Acts

Follow the corporate acts
of Gás Verde

Complaint Channel

Safe and anonymously internal channel to register employees’ complaints.