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We transform environmental liabilities into renewable energy

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Brazil’s energy matrix

Gás Verde, Latin America's biggest biomethane producer

By producing biomethane, the 100% renewable fuel, Gás Verde offers an effective solution to waste management and to support companies’ energy transition.

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Emission reduction calculator

Biomethane makes the carbon print disappear.

Gás Verde’s CO2 emissions calculator is the tool to measure emissions from your fleet or industry with only three questions. Find out the carbon print, the value to compensate it and how biomethane is your company’s biggest ally to eliminate emissions and become NetZero.

What’s your business activity?
Which fuel does your company use?
Natural Gas
Fuel oil
What is the volume consumed annually?

Today your company emits tons CO2 eq/year. With biomethane, it will reduce emissions of polluting gases by , no longer paying BRL in purchase of carbon credits per year.

Gás Verde offers the best strategy to eliminate emissions and carbon credits. Click the button below and ask for your proposal now.

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    Environmental solutions to accelerate your company's energy transition


    Biomethane, the 100% renewable fuel

    The effective solution to car and truck fleets, productive process and companies’ ESG strategy. Get to know more

    Green CO2
    food grade

    The substitute for traditional CO2 is ideal for Food & Beverage and Metallurgy industries and the Sanitation sector. Get to know more


    Descarbonization credit promoted by the RenovaBio program, as a way to verify and incentivize the biomethane production. Get to know more

    Certificado BIORec

    Traces back the biomethane origin to a renewable source, providing support to the companies GHG emission inventory in the GHG Protocol. Get to know more

    Protect, transform and renew. Gás Verde sustainable cycle


    We produce 160k m³ of biomethane daily. And we are expanding our production to more than 500k m³/day with 10 new plants.

    Seropédica (RJ)

    Current production:
    130k m³/day of biomethane.
    Production by 2024: 150k m³/day of biomethane.
    100 t/day green CO2 – food grade

    São Paulo (SP)

    Current production: 30k m3/day

    São Gonçalo (RJ)

    Current production: 8,5MW.
    Production by 2025:
    85k m³/day of biomethane.

    Nova Iguaçu (RJ)

    Current production: 17MW.
    Production by 2025:
    100k m³/day of biomethane.

    Campos de Goytacases (RJ)

    Current production: 1MW
    Production by 2028:
    19k m³/day of biomethane.

    Catanduva (SP)

    Current production: 1,4MW
    Production by 2028:
    19k m³/day of biomethane.

    Tremembé (SP)

    Current production: 2,9MW
    Production by 2026:
    19k m³/day of biomethane.

    Ipatinga (MG)

    Current production: 2MW
    Production by 2027:
    20k m³/day of biomethane.

    Juiz de Fora (MG)

    Current production: 4,3MW
    Production by 2025:
    22k m³/day of biomethane.

    Feira de Santana (BA)

    Current production: 1MW
    Production by 2026:
    15k m³/day of biomethane.

    Igarassu (PE)

    Current production: 4MW
    Production by 2025:
    40k m³/day of biomethane.

    São Luis (MA)

    Current production: 3MW
    Production by 2025:
    38k m³/day of biomethane.

    Biomethane applications


    Reduce the emissions from the productive process. Learn more

    Car and truck fleet

    Meet your clients’
    sustainability standards.
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    Landfill and agribusiness administrators

    Ensure the correct management for urban and agribusiness waste. Learn more

    Get to know Brazil's first brewery 100% powered by biomethane